A.William (Bill) Smith is a well-recognized retirement-planning authority. With a thirty plus year professional legacy of industry-leading accomplishments, Bill has received national attention since 1986, as one of the top three financial consultants in America.  As President of Executive Planning and Advisory Services, Inc., the company enjoys a registered membership in the National Ethics Association (NEA). Bill is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and a Certified Estate Planner (CEP).[Read more…]

Articles and Reports

Advanced Retirement Solutions

Most of the wealth accumulated for retirement occurs in retail banks, brokerage firms or credit unions. While this provides a ...
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The 11 Biggest Retirement Mistakes

"Do You Know If You Are Going to Make Mistakes Many Retirees May Make…that Could Cost You a Fortune and ...
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The Retirement Savings Drain

The Hidden and Excessive Costs of 401(K)s by Robert Hiltonsmith About Dēmos Dēmos is a non-partisan public policy research and ...
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